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    Who wants to perform costly repairs? Or listing your house with an agent and dealing with months of annoying buyers and hoping your house will sell? When you work with us, you will get A Fast & Fair Offer. You get to Pick The Closing Date. We Pay All Closing Costs!


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    *Applies to greater surrounding areas of your house.

    Are You Trying To Avoid Foreclosure On Your House?

    Tyler House Buyers

    Tyler Home Buyers

    Time is a precious commodity and with our expert help, we assist you in making the right decision when selling your home to Tyler home buyers. Our customer service agents are professionally trained and will provide you with quick answers to your questions. So how can we help, let’s get to it!

    We are locally owned and we strive to provide top-notch customer service. We go by ‘we don’t buy every house, but we help every client’ we work with YOU! So you are in the right place.

    We provide you with an efficient and quick way to sell your property. As a company we strive to offer the best in customer service, so even when you want to sell for cash our agents are ready to help. What makes us stand out? We are not your typical ‘fast cash’ company we take the time to understand your unique situation on a deeper level to serve and meet your needs better.

    Need To Sell Your House Fast?

    Tyler House Buyers’ committment to help you sell your home comes from owner experiences. We are owned and operated by police and military veterans who have their own personal experiences of selling their homes to investment companies. As a child, Brant’s parents had to sell their home due to bankruptcy and pending foreclosure and through this he can truly relate to these stressful situations. Through Tyler home buyers he has committed himself to helping home sellers have a stress free and seamless home selling experience.

    If you are looking for a selling experience that is easy and efficient, be assured you are in the right place. No matter your current situation, you need a company with professional experience selling homes Tyler home buyers represent just that. We buy houses ‘as-is’ this means that you do not need to make any repairs on your home. The best part about our buy homes experience is our cash offer program for when you need to sell fast. When it comes to cash offers you can have it within 24 hours and subsequently close in a matter of days.

    We understand that each situation is unique and that we may be dealing with someone facing some difficult personal issues. We handle your personal information as well as your transaction with utmost respect and professionalism. If this is the kind of service you are looking for then be sure your needs will be satisfied and the process will be seamless.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Homeowner FAQs

    Q Do you use an appraisal, and do you pay fair market value? How will you be determining the pricing you are willing to pay?
    A – Each situation is unique for a homeowner, so is the process for our Houston house buyers and the agents determining the right price to offer on a home. Things that could be taken into consideration may include the current condition of the home, the repairs that need to be made and the cost, the urgency of the situation and the current local market conditions.

    Q – What do you charge? Will I be paying commissions?
    A – There will be no fee for the seller of the home for our service, and you are never going to pay a commission.

    Q – Will there be other options besides cash purchase?
    A – Yes, we have two other options to help you sell your house. We will be able to take over payments, or we could help to get your home listed on MLS with a top producing realtor that is located in the Houston area.

    Q – What if my Houston area property has been rented?
    A – Not a problem, we have special investors that deal with the purchase of rentals. Having your property rented could make it more attractive to certain investors.

    Q – What if I have been behind on my payments, or I owe back taxes?
    A – It will be best if you are up to date on payments. If this is not possible, it will be factored into your offer, or you could qualify for one of the other purchasing programs we offer. We are not able to pay off back taxes. If you are not able to pay off back taxes and want to sell to us, we will end up subtracting what you owe from the offer price.

    Q – Will I need to perform repairs on my property?
    A – No we can purchase your home as is, you are not going to have to do anything.

    Q – How can I get started?
    A – Simply complete the form on this page, and we will start working for you, as we buy houses in Houston!

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    No matter the situation…

    • Falling behind on your payments
    • Impending Foreclosure
    • Impending Bankruptcy
    • Divorced Recently
    • Dealing with damage from fire
    • Difficult Tenants

    Our Team Can Be Reached @ 903-730-5063 For Fast Cash!

    No matter your reason for selling, our priority is assisting distressed homeowners in their time of need. This usually means purchasing your house for cash, but even if we don’t purchase your house we will be happy to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction. At THB, we believe every deal should be a “win-win”.

    Reasons to Choose Us


    We are a Us Military & Law Enforcement Veteran Owned and Operated Company. Integrity, Honesty and Respect are the core values that we operate with. And our commitment to serving our Country and Communities previously, is the same way that we will work with you.


    When we buy your house, we will help you move!

    *Applies to greater surrounding areas of your house.