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We Will Buy Your House For Cash!
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Tried and tested traditional listing and selling methods no longer work for most people. At Houston capital Home buyers we purchase in cash and close in 3-5 days.

Cash offers are ideal especially if you are in a hurry to sell, maybe you need to relocate to a new job or save yourself from foreclosure. You need a caring partner who understands your situation and that is why Houston Capital Home buyers are here.

The Cash Offer Advantages:

  • Speed: With cash offers, we close offers in as little as 5 days!
  • Guaranteed Funds: Our track record speaks for itself on cash offer deals and more importantly we have certified funds available to close.
  • No more ‘hoping’ for your buyer to get approved for a loan.
  • No Headaches: With the cash offer plan we buy homes ‘as-is’; no repairs required.
  • Save Money: Cash offers yield no commissions or fees!


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